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Health Insurance



Multicare International Health Plan, the best selling health scheme in Cyprus, was developed in association with AXA PPP healthcare, one of the largest health insurance companies of the UK with more than 60 years of experience and more than 2 million insured people all over the world.

Multicare International Health Plan is a diverse product with 4 different options, one of which is offered only to students.

Primarily the annual maximum level of cover distinguishes the plans:

  • Plan A has a yearly maximum of €2.000.000 per person
  • Plan B provides maximum cover of €100.000 per person
  • Plan C provides an overall annual maximum of €40.000 per person
  • Student care, that is offered to all students in Cyprus and abroad, has an annual limit of €100.000



All of our plans offer the following covers:

  • Comprehensive cover: which provides cover for both In-patient and Out-patient expenses
  • Standard cover: which provides cover for In-patient expenses only.

A further differentiation, which applies to all our plans, is the area of cover:

  • Area 1 which provides cover for the whole world
  • Area 2 which provides cover for the whole world excluding the USA, Canada and Switzerland.

Other important characteristics of Multicare:

  • Multicare is a truly international health plan
  • Outside area of cover
  • International emergency medical assistance
  • Pregnancy
  • Health screen
  • Parent accommodation
  • Ambulance transport
  • Nursing-at-home

Basic benefits:

  • Full compensation of claims All your medical claims are paid in full up to the limit shown in your plan, as long as these are included within the benefits of your chosen plan and are considered to be reasonable and customary.
  • Cover for diagnostic procedures and alternative medical treatment With Multicare you are covered for Medical practitioner charges, consultations and treatment, diagnostic procedures, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy and osteopathy, psychiatry and accidental damage to teeth.
  • Cover for newborn babies.

Multicare offers cover for newborn babies as long as they join their parent’s plan within three months of their day of birth.




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